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Hand Held Units

Our products are all designed to use the energy produced by blank cartridges. These Net-Guns are modified to prevent the loading of a normal, bulleted cartridge. Therefore, they are not classified as firearms by the United States Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

The products you see below are standard items and suit most situations, but if you have a special need for something a little different just tell us. We enjoy the challenge of custom making one off units.

Fixed or the Basic Hand Held Unit

This projects one net, and then requires the net to be re-packed for the next shot. The simplest and most inexpensive of the range, and is suitable for individuals and groups involved in injured or endangered animal and bird capture. This unit is an excellent choice for Animal Control Officers.


Fixed Unit with Replaceable Net Canister

The difference between this and a basic unit is that the net canister can be quickly replaced with another already packed with a net. Useful when more than one capture is anticipated and in situations where a net cannot be immediately recovered for re-packing. There is no limit to the number of canisters an operator may require..


Hand Held Breakaway Unit

By far the fastest way of achieving multiple shots and is most effective when used from a helicopter or moving platform such as a truck deck. This system allows the firing mechanism to be quickly detached from a barrel / canister unit and attached to another barrel / canister unit. Time between shots can be less than five seconds. A typical set up for a helicopter capture team would be one firing unit, three or four barrel / canister / net sets and perhaps ten detachable canisters pre packed with nets for recharging the barrel sets after they have been fired.

Detachable Canisters:

Helicopters are expensive to operate, so to keep air time to a minimum we developed a system to permit rapid fire. This same system also works well from the deck of a pursuit vehicle.

How does it work? If your helicopter is a Hughes 500 or bigger a three man team is most efficient; a pilot, a shooter and a net loader. Smaller machines may require the shooter and the loader to be the same person.

A typical rig would consist of one firing unit, three barrel sets and possibly twenty one canisters each loaded with a net. Three of the canisters would be fitted to the three barrel sets and one of these would be attached to the firing unit prior to take off.

After firing the first net the shooter removes the barrel set and empty canister, hands it to the loader and fits a second barrel /canister unit loaded with a net to the firing mechanism. Simultaneously the loader removes the empty canister from the just fired barrel set and replaces it with a canister pre-loaded with a net and so on.

With practise a three man team can catch up to twenty animals in no more than five minutes if working over a herd. If conditions permit a follow up ground team is recommended.

If the above seems complicated please contact us. We are always happy to talk about our products and we appreciate phone calls.

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