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Helicopter Mounted Net Projectors


These Net Projectors are mounted on the front of one or both skids of a helicopter and fired electronically using spare circuits on the control column or by additional circuits wired into the machines electrical system. Normally fired by the pilot but also by a passenger / shooter if desired.

The skid mounted Net Projector units recoil is not a factor with these units so bigger nets can be used and longer ranges achieved.

A team of skilled pilot and shooter using both skid mounted and hand held units from one machine, backed up by a ground recovery crew, can achieve an appreciable amount of captures in a short period of air time

If the above seems complicated please contact us. We are always happy to talk about our products and we appreciate phone calls.

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New Zealand Headquarters

Ace Capture Equipment Ltd
127 Yarrow Street
Invercargill New Zealand

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Tony Searle Wildlife & Animal Capture
PO Box 180 31 Goobang Street
Condobolin NSW 2877

Phone (61) 268 953 336
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United States

Tyler Gehr Wildlife Capture Services LLC
PO Box 334 2558 Mesa Trail
Flagstaff AZ 86002

Phone (1) 928 527 7972
Email: info@wildlifecapture.com

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